Will Basic Coatings® Stains, Sealers, and Finishes Work on Imported Woods That Contain Oil?

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Dec 10, 2020

Yes. Basic Coatings® stains, sealers, and finishes can work on most any species of wood. The process for application differs from native species.

Procedures for Imported Woods

Many exotic woods contain natural oils, such as the Brazilian Cherry floor pictured in this post. The natural oils act as a preservative, and those oils can prevent stain and finish penetration. This can compromise adhesion.


Always follow NWFA guidelines for sanding procedures.

During the sanding process, natural oils are driven down into the wood. Natural oils will rise back to the surface over time. It is crucial to continue the finishing process as quickly as possible. Plan your timeline for applying stain or sealer so that the floor does not sit overnight between the last full sanding procedure performed and the application of stain or sealer.

NOTE: Always apply the stain or first coat of sealer the same day the last full sanding procedure was performed.


We recommend thoroughly vacuuming the floor. Wet tacking with solvents can draw the wood's natural oils to the surface and/or can react with the stain or finish.

Bleach/Reactive Products

Always perform a compatibility test with these products prior to using with Basic Coatings products.


Water popping may be needed to achieve the desired color. Many exotic woods do not take stain as deeply as native woods. DO NOT leave excess stain on the floor to attempt to achieve a deeper color. This will cause adhesion failures. Let the stain dry thoroughly. Fans can assist with stain dry times.

Note: Do not allow extended time between stain application and sealer application (i.e., over the weekend).


Start applying the sealer as quickly as possible, provided the stain is fully dry. Basic Coatings recommends Lock 'N Seal for exotic woods, as many contain tannins.

Note: Exotics woods offer unique challenges. When working with exotic woods, Basic Coatings highly recommends performing a test spot on the floor prior to proceeding with the project. 

Basic Coatings is always happy to help answer questions about this topic or any question related to hardwood floors. If you would like a Basic Coatings representative to get in touch with you, please click here and fill out the online form.