Innovative Water/Oil Hybrid Stains

HyperTone™ Stains utilize a proprietary water/oil hybrid technology to deliver high-quality pigment of unmatched depth and vibrance, bringing out the beauty of hardwood floors in commercial, residential, and sports environments. This first-of-its-kind formulation provides unrivaled color penetration, but with all the benefits of a waterbased stain:

  • Non-flammable—stain rags of this product will not spontaneously combust.
  • Easy to clean up—no need for mineral spirits, just use soap and water.
  • Low odor—avoid issues associated with offensive fumes.
  • Fast drying—ready to walk on in as little as 30 minutes.
Available in 14 Standard Colors

Endlessly mix and match to create a custom color palette and complement any existing design style. Visit our HyperTone Stain Color Gallery and learn how to achieve popular industry colors.

New, Convenient Size for Every Need

Basic Coatings® is proud to announce the availability of HyperTone Stains in convenient 16-ounce (1-pint) containers. This new size will give contractors a more economical choice for: 

  • Staining smaller areas
  • Presenting color samples
  • Tinting finish
  • Mixing to achieve custom colors.

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Game-Changing Versatility on Sports Floors
HyperTone Stains can be used to stain wood sport floors directly or to tint sealer and finish coats, creating an exciting, semi-transparent look that preserves the wood grain.

The richness and depth of color with Basic Coatings sport finishes can also replace traditionally painted game lines where peeling and chipping are common issues. Finally, you can give any gym floor a new look and color scheme with a simple screen and recoat by adding our stain to our sealers or finish.
Achieving Professional Results