Wood Floor Maintenance
Extend the Life of the Floor

Maintain Your Hardwood Floor

Basic Coatings® is committed to providing a total solution for wood floor maintenance. Not only do we provide the best finish to protect your floor, we also have cleaning solutions to keep your floor looking its best.

  • Eliminate dirt
  • Conquer grease
  • Remove scuffs
Professional Hardwood Maintenance


Dirt Dragon™ for Wood Floors

Wood Floor Cleaning Machine makes wood floor care easy. This compact and powerful machine deep cleans wood floors without damaging the finish, and its exclusive water containment vacuum system extracts the toughest dirt and surface contaminants while leaving a dry floor immediately after use.

The Basic Coatings® maintenance products and dust-free recoating systems are profitable additions to any cleaning service or wood floor contractor. Wood floor care that’s easy and worry free.


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