Waterbased Advantages
Natural Durability with Clear Benefits
Superior Durability

You deserve superior durability for your wood floors. Waterbased floor finish is the answer.

  • Safeguards your wood flooring investment with long-lasting durability
  • A variety of products for amber or clear appearances and levels of sheen
  • Low VOC finishes mean less harmful fumes and low odor
  • Get back on your floor sooner with faster dry times
See The Difference

How well does your floor resist wear and abrasion? Wear resistance is the durability of your floor. Your floor finish should protect your floor from unsightly scratches and provide a long-lasting shine. StreetShoe® NXT is the leader in wood floor finish durability.

Advantages Of Waterbased Finish

More Durable

Basic Coatings products were tested with a Taber Abrasion machine. This test determines a coatings’ resistance to abrasion. Resistance to abrasion is defined as the ability of a coating to withstand mechanical action such as scuffing or erosion.

  • StreetShoe® NXT Taber Abrasion readings were 5 times more resistant than the average competitive Oil Modified Urethane (OMU).

Less VOC

VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids. These gases can have adverse health effects. They also combine with other elements in the presence of sunlight to form smog, a major air pollutant. The government now restricts the amount of VOC’s that can be included in certain products.

  • Waterbased coatings typically have half as much VOC content as the traditional Oil Modified Urethane (OMU)
  • Basic Coatings waterbased finishes produce less odor than fragrant OMU’s
  • Green: Several of Basic Coatings® waterbased finishes meet the strictest of government regulations and LEED requirements.

Faster Cure Times

StreetShoe® NXT is the fastest curing finishes on the market. It is 90% cured in 24 hours. This means less downtime and you can be back on the floor faster. It also means that the VOC is removed from the floor faster.

Faster Dry Times

Multiple coats of waterbased finish can be applied in one day. The coating job will take less time and the floor can be back in use faster.

Less Yellowing

  • Waterbased finishes will retain a clear non-yellowing appearance. OMU finishes may turn to an unsightly yellow appearance over time
  • If you don’t want a clear look but still would like to use a waterbased coating, a stain can be used to change the appearance. Also, Emulsion PRO has warm amber tones not typical of waterbased urethanes.



  • OMU’s contain petroleum distillates, which are combustible or flammable. Waterbased finishes are not combustible nor flammable.
  • The vapors of OMU’s are also combustible or flammable. Pilot lights and other sources of spark must be turned off during the application of OMU finishes.
  • Mineral spirits or solvents are needed to clean applicators or accidental spills when using OMU’s. Rags and other materials that have residue from OMU’s on them must be stored in safety containers to prevent spontaneous combustion.