Which Solution?
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Options Made for Your Floor

Homeowners are looking for the right products and systems to care for their wood floors. With so many products on the market, it can be hard to decide which solution is the right one. Some products may produce a shine today, but cause build-up over time.

Basic Coatings® offers multiple professional hardwood maintenance systems and a retail program. These systems provide the right solutions for a variety of floors.

The Basic Reasons


It's a simple process. Easy maintenance options allow you to customize the treatment program.


The green technology utilized in Basic Coatings waterbased wood floor finishes utilizes low VOC, NMP-free and low impact green products for hardwood floors.


These time-honored cleaning and recoating systems have been used for decades on millions of square feet of wood flooring.


The Dirt Dragon™ and Basic Coatings cleaners are superior to any other cleaning system because it aggressively scrubs the floor and removes contaminants. Seemingly clean floors can produce a dirty solution tank of soiled brown water.

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