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For decades, Basic Coatings® has always been “Where Great Finishes Start.” We have been committed to our customers’ needs since the launch of our earliest products, designed to reduce wear and tear on bowling alley lanes. Now, our current line of superior floor finish products lead the industry for residential, commercial and sports floor applications.

  • Better hardness
  • Longer-lasting durability
  • Highly abrasion resistant
The Hard Difference

The Basic Coatings laboratory recently tested some industry-leading finishes against StreetShoe® NXT to see how they stacked up. StreetShoe NXT reaches a 90 percent full cure in just the first day, stomping out the competition along the way. View the graph on the right for more information.

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König Hardness Scale

StreetShoe® NXT

Competitor Product THD

Competitor Product T

The information is presented based on a research conducted by Basic Coatings © which we believe to be accurate and objective.

It’s Simple: Hardness Affects Durability

Hardness is one of several key measurements that determine a finishes wear properties and durability. How it works:

Measuring hardness is done on the first day after application, and then each day after that for the duration of one week. This method accurately measures the speed at which the finish cures from Day 1 to its final cure on Day 7.

With the total hardness measurement from Day 7, it can be determined how the finish compares to other products through the same test. In the end, hardness testing determines how well a finish will perform on the floor.

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Guard Your Investment

Waterbased finishes have been available on the market for years. In fact, they are still considered a work horse in wood floor finishing today. By choosing a waterbased finish, you can be sure your floor will be protected with superior durability. Other advantages of waterbased finishes include: low odor, warm amber tones and a very competitive price.

The Basic Coatings laboratory tested abrasion resistance on industry leading finishes. The results of several different abrasion test methods were clear; Emulsion PRO beats the competition. Check out the graph to see how Emulsion PRO’s wear resistance leads to better resistance to dirt and soil embedment.

Abrasion Resistance

  Abrasion Resistance

The information is presented based on a
research conducted by Basic Coatings ©
which we believe to be accurate and objective.