HyperTone™ Stains Stain Glide

Proprietary Water/Oil Hybrid Technology

StainGlide is a dry time extender specifically designed for use with HyperTone Stains. This additive extends the working time of the stain to prevent premature drying especially in warm and or dry conditions.


Extends dry time

Available in gallons and pints

Use as much as 18 ounces per gallon

Tech Specs
Dry time Typically 2-4 hours under ideal conditions (70° F / 50% RH); heavy pigmented colors and product mix
Technology Proprietary water/oil hybrid technology
Storage Do not freeze; do not store above 120 Degrees
Odor Mild
Freeze/thaw stability Passes ASTM D 2243 (3 cycles)
VOC <250 grams/liter
Packaging (2 x 1 Gallon)/Case
Coverage 700-800 sq. ft./gal
Stability 1 Year Shelf Life
Color 14 Standard Colors; can be mixed for custom colors
Cleanup Water or Soap and Water
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