HyperTone™ Stains Hickory - Pints

Proprietary Water/Oil Hybrid Technology

HyperTone™ Stains are a revolutionary penetrating water/oil hybrid stain designed to safely change the color of wood flooring to complement any design style prior to the application of an approved Basic Coatings® Sealer and Finish System.


Fast drying

Excellent for maple, oak, and all wood floor species

Can be mixed and matched for custom colors

Proprietary water/oil hybrid technology

Easy to apply; Easy cleanup

Available in 14 standard colors; including primary colors

<250 VOC

Low odor

Non-flammable; stain rags of this product will not spontaneously combust

Tech Specs
Dry time Typically 2-4 hours under ideal conditions (70° F / 50% RH); heavy pigmented colors and product mix
Technolog Proprietary water/oil hybrid technology
Storage Do not freeze; do not store above 120 Degrees
Odor Mild
Freeze/thaw stability asses ASTM D 2243 (3 cycles)
VOC <250 grams/liter
Packaging (2 x 1 Gallon)/Case
Coverage 700-800 sq. ft./gal
Stability 1 Year Shelf Life
Color 14 Standard Colors; can be mixed for custom colors
Cleanup Water or Soap and Water