TyKote® Recoat Bonding Agent

Dust Free Recoat Bonding Agent

TyKote® is a revolutionary way to prepare commercial, residential, and sports wood floors for recoating. All dust, mess, and equipment associated with screening are eliminated when using TyKote®. Applied in a liquid state, TyKote® acts as an intermediate bonding layer between the existing floor and the new topcoat.


Fast: recoat tonight, back in business tomorrow

Eliminates the dust, noise and mess of traditional methods

Simple and inexpensive process

Works with site-finished and most prefinished wood floors

Tech Specs
Color Translucent (dries clear)
VOC Does not exceed 13 grams/liter
Flash Point Greater than 200°F
Freeze/thaw stability Stable (if frozen, thaw completely before using)
Drying time 1 hour (with good ventilation)
Clean Up Water
Warranty 1 year
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