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Mar 13, 2020


Have you ever tried to sneak to the refrigerator in the middle of the night, and your squeaky hardwood floors give you away? (No? Us either!)

For the most part, if a squeak occurs right after installation, you might have excessive bounce in your floor, which you should immediately talk to your contractor about fixing.

However, some annoying squeaks can develop over time with some hardwood floors.  This can occur as a result of years of wear and tear causing board separation below the surface.

If this is the source of your floor squeaks, you have a few options that might work.  The first option is worth trying if you have access to the floor from the underside.  After locating the squeak, try using some additional fastening below to floor to see if it can reduce or eliminate the squeak.

If that is not an option, an alternative might be to use baby powder.  Simply find the squeaky spot, pour in the baby powder and work it down into the tongue & groove, then remove any excess.  Try repeating the process until it reduces or eliminates the squeak.  It’s not always effective, can be only temporary, but it’s worth a try.

Real hardwood floors are always a great option!  Regardless of your choice of real wood flooring, Basic Coatings® is the expert in staining, sealing, finishing and maintaining your hardwood floor!  Please explore our website for ideas and complete product information.