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Jul 25, 2019

No Tape

If you are a wood flooring professional, you probably already know that adhesive tape is very harmful to gym floors. Coaches, athletic directors, and other contractors, however, may not know the dangers that tape pose; namely, the non-drying solvents, or plasticizers, found in tape can damage wood floor finishes.

How do you get around these detrimental adhesive tapes? While we do not recommend use of any adhesives on any finished wood floor, the reality is that tape is still and likely will continue to be heavily used on gym floors. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to pass along to gym floor customers on how to properly handle adhesive tape on gym floors, so as to minimize the risk of harm to the finish. 

1.) When removing tape, pull at a 45° angle, as opposed to pulling the tape in the same direction in which it was laid. This will decrease the chances of the finish peeling. 

2.) Do not leave tape on the floor for more than 24 hours at a time. 

3.) When protecting the floor, it is best to tape the protective paper to another piece of protective paper. This is a better solution than taping directly to the gym floor.

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