GymShoe® Gloss Sport Floor Finish

Two Component Waterbased Sport Floor Finish

GymShoe® is an exceptionally durable sport floor finish that keeps floors looking better longer. GymShoe is perfect for large sport complexes, higher education, dance floors, retail and commercial space or any high traffic sports facilities. With superior two-component performance you can be confident that GymShoe® will hold up to even the busiest of gyms.


Clear, Non-Yellowing Urethane

24 Hour Pot Life (Once Catalyzed); Can Be Re-catalyzed

Great Shine, Resists Heel Marks

Powders Well During Application

7 Day Cure

Fast Drying (2-3 Hours); Less Downtime

Tech Specs
Color Clear
Coverage 500 - 700 sq. ft./gal
Dry time 2 - 3 hours
Full cure 7 days
Light traffic 24 hours
Pot life 24 hours
Recoat Window 2 - 24 hours
Rugs 2 weeks
VOC Less than 275
Warranty 1 year
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