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May 13, 2022

Wood floor sealer and finish can make or break a floor. Sealer and finish serve as lines of defense against floor traffic by creating protective layers when applied. It is important for wood floor contractors to properly store and prepare wood floor sealer and finish prior to starting a new project, or else the result may not be what was desired, or the floor may not hold up over a long period of time. Continue reading to learn more about what to do before applying wood floor sealer and finish.


The packing of a product is the first thing a customer sees when they are viewing or ordering a product. Although some customers may be more focused on the product itself, the packaging is still an important part of the manufacturing process. It provides essential information, like the product name, ingredients, directions, batch codes, etc., and protects a product during transit and storage.

Basic Coatings has brightly colored packaging to make identifying products on the shelf easier. The front label contains the product description, gloss levels, and features for easy reference. The side and back labels contain preparation, mixing application, and floor care instructions specific to each product. Manufacturer information can also be found on the label, along with the batch codes. The batch codes are a combination of numbers and/or letters that are used to identify a set of identical mass-produced products. Basic Coatings uses the Julian date because is it the continuous count of days since the beginning of the Julian period. It’s the best way to check the shelf life of a product because the code contains the year and the day the product was made.

  • Batch Code example: 18039
  • 18 = Year
  • 039 = The day the product was made during the year
  • 18039 = February 8, 2018
  • For convenience, download the Julian Date app

Be sure to always check the batch code before using the product. The Julian date makes it easy to calculate the difference in dates by subtracting the numbers to find out how old it is. Basic Coatings products have a 1-year shelf life and should be used within a year of the batch code/manufacturing date.

In the wood floor industry, floor products can be purchased in many different package types and sizes. At Basic Coatings, it is common for wood floor sealers and finishes to be available in 1-gallon bottles and 5-gallon pails. A contractor will select the size that best works for them and their current project. Once the product is received by the contractor, it must be stored correctly and prepped prior to application.


It is important to take care of floor sealer and finish to ensure the product is working to the best of its ability during and after application. If not, it can ruin a project and cause additional time and money to be spent fixing what went wrong.

When a product is purchased and/or delivered to a contractor or distributor, it will most likely be stored away until it is needed. Basic Coatings recommends that a wood floor sealer or finish should be kept in a room with a temperature under 120 degrees Fahrenheit and above 35 degrees Fahrenheit. More specifically, temperatures between 50 degrees Fahrenheit and 80 degrees Fahrenheit is most ideal for storage. If a product becomes frozen or heat-damaged, it cannot be revitalized and used.

It is recommended to store wood floor products in a temperature-controlled room, like a warehouse. Do not store products in attics, garages, in direct sunlight, or near appliances like a water heater or furnace.  

Blending Ingredients

If you have any additives for your floor sealer or finish, it will require blending to ensure it is dispersed evenly throughout the formula. In addition to any required catalyst, water can be added to Basic Coatings sealers and finishes to help with the application. In waterbased finishes, water is what is used to disperse the solids into a liquid state. It helps increase flow and level time when applying the product. Adding extra water to a sealer or finish is especially helpful when job sites have higher temperatures or lower humidity extra water will give you a longer open time. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions to see how much water can be added per gallon.

HyperTone Stains is also a common additive when used as a tint in specifically approved Basic Coatings waterbased finishes. When tinting finish, mix the products separately according to the label directions prior to combining. Next, combine the products by pouring them into a large container and continue blending with a stir stick until products are mixed and uniform in color. For more information about tinting finish with HyperTone stains, click here.

It should be noted that 2-component finishes StreetShoe® NXT and PureMatte have a pot life of 24 hours, after which the catalyst slowly becomes less effective as it reacts with the water and polymer in the system. You can re-catalyze these two products, however, we recommend only re-catalyzing one time, and that re-catalyzed finish should be reserved for base coats when possible. XL Catalyst/Hardener is a second component used to re-catalyze various Basic Coatings products. It should be added slowly while stirring the finish with a clean stir-stick. For more information about re-catalyzing, click here.


Stirring sealer or finish is important for a flawless application. Thoroughly stirring a floor sealer or finish is important because it will re-disperse any settlement of ingredients in the bottle or pail. Use a stir stick or rock the container to stir the product several times before application. It can be challenging to mix a large container of floor sealer or finish due to the size. To help with this, paddle attachment with a drill can be used. Insert the paddle into the spout of the 5-gallon pail and turn on the drill to thoroughly stir the floor product. It’s recommended to occasionally stir the product during use to prevent settling.

Shaking the product is also an option. If shaking is the preferred method, shake well and let the product sit for at least 20-30 minutes.

Basic Coatings Sealers and Finishes

Basic Coatings has revolutionized waterbased technology by offering a variety of waterbased stains, sealers, and finishes that have the ability to stand the test of time on multiple kinds of wood floors. Waterbased advantages include:

  • Increased resistance to wear and abrasion
  • Less volatile organic compounds are emitted compared to OMUs
  • Faster cure and dry times which allows less downtime and more coats of waterbased finishes to be applied
  • Non-flammable
  • Less yellowing and dries clear

To learn more about the storage and preparation of floor sealer and finish, click here to fill out an online form to speak with a Basic Coatings representative.