Raw™ Sealer Floor Sealer

Waterbased Wood Floor Sealer

Raw™ Sealer is an innovative waterbased wood floor sealer designed to offer the stylish look of dry untreated natural looking white oak wood floor.


Designed predominantly for White Oak

Offers natural dry looking color

Helps prevent tannin pull

Wet sealer indicator: applies with slight hue for proper coverage which also prevents any missed spots

Single component: Pre-catalyzed

Can be used on any species to tone the wood color

Fast Drying (2-3 Hours)

Low VOC 275

Tech Specs
Color Clear
Coverage 450-500 sq. ft./gal.
Dry time 2 - 3 hours
Recoat Window 2 - 24 hours
Warranty 1 year
Light traffic 24 hours
Full cure 7 days
Rugs 2 weeks
VOC Less than 275 grams/liter
Freeze Thaw Stable No
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