Intensive Floor Treatment (I.F.T.) Floor Cleaner

Aggressive Wood Floor Cleaner

I.F.T. is an aggressive cleaner that will easily remove ground-in dirt, body oils, shoe marks, ball scuffs, spilled beverages, etc. I.F.T. is the first step in a two-part cleaning process to prepare floors for the TyKote® Dustfree Refinishing System.


Deep, intensive cleaning.

Removes household waxes, oils and polishes.

Removes dirt and grease in restaurant settings.

Tech Specs
Color Lavender (Light Purple)
Density 8.30 - 8.40 lbs/gallon
Freeze/thaw stability Stable
VOC At minimum dilution does not exceed 2% by weight
pH 12 – 14
Flash Point Greater than 200°F
Warranty 2 years
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