Natural Is in Style and Easier Than Ever with Raw Sealer™

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Apr 02, 2020

Basic Coatings® is excited to introduce Raw Sealer™, the latest addition to the Basic Coatings waterbased wood floor sealer line. 

Raw Sealer is the best choice to preserve the natural, raw look of white oak, while also preventing tannin pull in any residential or commercial environment. Though specially formulated with white oak in mind, Raw Sealer can be used with almost all species of hardwood flooring when applied as designed. During application, Raw Sealer even offers a “wet sealer Indicator” hue that allows the installer to easily see where product has been applied, ensuring proper coverage.

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• Maintains the raw, natural look of white oak
• Prevents tannin pull
• Pre-catalyzed
• Built-in wet sealer indicator
• Fast drying for less downtime
• Excellent defoaming, leveling, and chemical resistance
• Available in 4 x 1 gallon cases
• Mild odor and low VOC
• Can apply to other wood flooring species

Raw Sealer used in conjunction with PureMatte™StreeShoe® NXT, or EasyStreet™ is a 3-coat system that provides the ultimate protection and durability.  Learn more.