NEW Emulsion® PRO+ Combines the Best of Oil and Water

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Mar 31, 2021

Whether they're a diehard Emulsion PRO™ fan or it's never touched their T-bar, wood flooring professionals are sure to love the new, premium formula: Emulsion® PRO+ (“Emulsion Pro Plus”)!

This reformulation preserves all the best attributes of Emulsion PRO, but it applies better and defoams and self-levels faster than before or any other oil and water sealer/finish on the market.
  • 1 component
  • Ambering
  • Commercial grade
  • Self leveling
  • A combination sealer and finish

Contractors throughout the industry are thinking about transitioning from OMU to water-based finishes. Many are already familiar with the advantages of water-based but still want the rich look of traditional oil. Emulsion PRO+ is their BEST CHOICE.

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