Clean Your Wood Floors the Right Way

Squeaky Cleaner Trigger Sprayer

The original hardwood floor cleaner now offered in a convenient tear-away display package. Squeaky™ trigger spray is designed for daily cleaning of hard surface flooring. Squeaky leaves no dulling residue, is environmentally safe, and is an excellent choice for routine cleaning of dirt, grease and scuffs.

Squeaky Cleaner Trigger Sprayer

Intensive Floor Treatment

With I.F.T. you get an aggressive cleaner that will easily remove ground-in dirt, body oils, shoe marks, ball scuffs, and spilled beverages. I.F.T. is perfect for removing household waxes, oils and polishes, and dirt and grease in restaurant settings for deep, intensive cleaning.

Intensive Floor Treatment

Connect with a Contractor

Hiring a contractor to deep clean wood floors with professional equipment may not be as expensive as you think. 

To request a local Basic Coatings certified contractor to contact you with more information about their services and pricing, please fill out the form below!

Why Basic Coatings?

For decades, Basic Coatings® has always been “Where Great Finishes Start.” We have been committed to our customers’ needs since the launch of our earliest products, designed to reduce wear and tear on bowling alley lanes.  Now, our current line of superior floor finish products lead the industry for residential, commercial and sports floor applications.

  • Better hardness
  • Longer-lasting durability
  • Highly abrasion resistant
  • Our finish is made to the highest US standard in Bowling Green, OH
  • Our pride goes into each bottle we craft

You deserve superior durability for your wood floors. Waterbased floor finish is the answer.

  • Safeguards your wood flooring investment with long-lasting durability
  • A variety of products for amber or clear appearances and levels of sheen
  • Low VOC finishes mean less harmful fumes and low odor
  • Get back on your floor sooner with faster dry times