UV Coatings

Finishes Cured at the Speed of Light



LightForce™ is a revolutionary UV Wood Floor Finish that can be site applied for maximum cure speed and performance. Once dry, usually in two to three hours, LightForce can be cured instantly for 100% wear properties and fast turnaround of wood floors.

  • Easy to apply formula is low foaming and has superior leveling for error free application
  • Perfect for floors that require minimal downtime or have demanding wear environments
  • Available in gloss and satin four gallon cases

May LightForce™ Be With You

Finish Cure Time

Recommended for new installations, newly sanded floors and screen and recoat. LightForce is a site-applied UV waterbased finish designed for fast turnaround on wood floors. Superb adhesion and flexibility, coupled with excellent durability and solvent/stain resistance make LightForce the best candidate for commercial, residential and sport flooring.

  • UV cure durability
  • Cure Guide Technology
  • Instant cure for fast turnaround
  • One component
  • Colorless, water-white finish clarity
  • Superior flow, leveling and low foam formula

Cure Guide Technology

Only Basic Coatings LightForce contains Cure Guide Technology for error-free curing every time.  Cure Guide Technology incorporates a unique built-in cure indicator that changes color from pink to clear when exposed to UV light ensuring complete cure across the entire floor.

  • UV Cure Durability
  • Colorless
  • Superior Flow